Container Specs

RDS offers trash and recycling containers as well as other equipment used in the recycling and disposal process. There are types of containers available depending on your needs, including the options listed in the chart below.

Need a cardboard baler? We have recycling equipment ideas to discuss with you as well. Whether you need a lease or to make an equipment purchase, we have a recycling solution to meet your needs.

Please contact us for input on which is the most appropriate container or piece of equipment for your site needs.

Gable Top Roll – Off

Open Top Roll – Off

Type of Container Features Uses
Gable Top Roll – off Material kept dry and free from scavenging and wind, lockable doors. Municipal and Commercial recycling programs. Comes in approximately 22 (hook roll off) or 30 cubic yards.
Open Top Roll – off Easy to load with material including heavy, large objects. Residential cleanouts, restoration, renovation construction and demolition debris, and wood waste material. (More detail below by size)
Name of Container Size of Container Uses
15 Cubic Yard Open Top Roll-off Container 8′ W x 15′ L x 4′ H Holds between 2 – 3 tons, good for hauling out concrete or bulkier, heavy items. Good fit for cleanouts of various types of waste from renovation work.
20 Cubic Yard Open Top Roll-off Container 8′ W x 23′ L x 4′ H Holds about six pickup truck loads of material. More room for demolition, wood waste and landscaping material. Good for cleanouts, restoration, and renovations, with about 3 tons of waste material.
30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container 8′ W x 23′ L x 6′ H For longer-term jobs with material totaling between 3.5 – 5 tons. Can be used for cleaning out furniture, demolition projects, renovations, restoration, and landscaping.
40 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container 8′ W x 23′ L x 8′ H Holds up to 5 – 6 tons of material. High walls allow users to stack waste material for removal. Top choice for the biggest jobs in demolition, renovation, and restoration.


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Recycling and Disposal Equipment

Recycling and Disposal Solutions offers our customers like you a wide variety of equipment to help process your waste stream and minimize your costs by reducing the frequency of trips to and from your facility. We have the equipment for every setting that generates waste including but not limited to: malls, retail stores, printers, multi-family residences, high-rise apartments and condominiums, office buildings, industrial facilities, and any other sites that generate high volumes of trash.