Throughout Southwest Virginia and the Hampton Roads area, RDS is working with municipalities like yours to create safe, sustainable recycling programs for residents and local businesses.

You can rest assured that your paper, plastic, glass, and metal will always be recycled with RDS. Our staff has great knowledge of these different markets, and even when markets conditions become weak we will still have the ability to keep your product out of the landfill and recycled.

In addition to working with municipalities to offer their residents collection, processing, and marketing of their recyclable waste, we also offer residents discounted rates on dumpsters for weekend projects and around the house use.

We can handle your pain points.

    • Do you need a recycling program that meets your goals from budget to recycling targets, but recycling is not your area of expertise?

We are the recycling experts, and we are here to help you.

    • Are you too busy to deal with the hassle of setting up recycling collection and similar needs? Frustrated with suppliers never being on schedule?

RDS can provide a reliable service guarantee, providing our customers with the individual attention they deserve.

    • Do you want to offer more environmentally friendly options for your waste disposal?

We are equipped and eager to help you achieve the sustainable excellence you desire.

Recycle these items at RDS

  • Plastics 1 & 2 (Bottles, Jugs)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Junk Mail
  • All Type of Paper
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Steel/Tin Cans


Single stream curbside recycling programs

RDS currently works with many municipalities to process Single Stream Curbside Recycling. We initially began providing residential recycling to the City of Roanoke in 2010. RDS also helped the City of Portsmouth start up their Residential Single Stream program in 2013 and continues to manage the material collected from the City residents through this successful program. As other local municipalities in the Roanoke Valley demanded Residential Recycling services, we expanded our presence in Roanoke with the opening of our Korte Street Single Stream Recycling facility. At Korte Street, we process recyclables for the City of Roanoke and the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority, as well as other  New River Valley and Roanoke Valley communities under long-term contract.


Below please find a list of municipalities where RDS has a presence and conducts business,
the web address to these municipalities is included.

RDS management has also helped form recycling programs in New York City, Pittsburgh, Norfolk,
Suffolk, and Florida, among other locations.

As disposal rates increase, RDS can help you reduce your waste (and, in turn, your bill), turning the recyclables we pull out of it into revenue or reduced costs for you.