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RDS in the News

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2019 – 2022

1611, 2022

RDS featured on Roanoke Valley Television

Roanoke Valley Television featured RDS as Virginia's premier recycling processor in the Blue Ridge region; highlighting what happens behind the scenes when you drop off recycling.  Peak behind the scenes of daily operations at our Roanoke processing plant.

802, 2022

What Actually Happens to Your Recycling Once It Leaves the Curb?

"Have you ever wondered about what happens to your recycling after it leaves the house? Each item put out for recycling only starts its journey once thrown in the bin. After it’s picked up curbside, it begins the laborious process of being turned into something else. But how does the process pan out? We consulted recycling experts to get to the bottom of it... We also consulted Lauren Cutlip, business development and outreach manager at the Recycling & Disposal Solutions of [...]

2401, 2022

Star City Sustainability Society Series Lecture – Recycle Right with RDS

On January 27th, 2022, Lauren Cutlip will be leading an event for the Roanoke, Virginia community on proper recycling behavior with information on how household recyclables are processed in the region. Citizens are encouraged to attend to ask questions and participate in several recycling activities.

2401, 2022

Clean Valley Council Earth Summit 2021 Speaker – Lauren Cutlip of RDS

In November 2021, RDS Business Development & Outreach Manager Lauren Cutlip presented on the Clean Valley Council's Annual Earth Summit. She discussed how household recyclables are processed in the Roanoke, Virginia Region and provided helpful insight on how to Recycle Right to reduce contamination.

1711, 2021

Roanoke gets new recycler (Roanoke Times, 2010)

Roanoke Times published this article back in 2010 when RDS came to Roanoke and began operations at the Enon Drive facility, before expanding into the Korte Street facility, where regional recycling is now processed and marketed out of.

1711, 2021

How RDS Worked to Recycle Glass

Struggling with being in a region that lacks glass beneficiation plants, RDS Korte Street has worked hard to divert their accepted glass from the landfill by investing in equipment to process it into a crushed glass aggregate for use as a clean fill in construction projects, roadways, etc.