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2019 – 2020

109, 2020

How AI and robotics are shaping the MRF of the future

Recycling has taken hard hits in recent years, laying a rough road for businesses driving to up their sustainability goals. Cheap fossil fuel dulled recyclables’ competitive edge over virgin plastics. China’s import ban and then COVID-19 caused further market disruptions — on top of traditional industry pain points: labor shortages; fast employee turnover; and worker safety issues.

2406, 2020

RDS & AMP: Building a Resilient Business with AI and Robotics

Just a few months ago, when unemployment was low, it was tough finding people who came in on time and wanted to do the sorting we need. At that time, we installed systems from AMP Robotics to help with the labor shortage we were experiencing. AMP’s robots have helped us to better manage our employee base, allowing us to stabilize our sorting workforce and improve productivity. We also had an opportunity to shift two positions paid for through the cost [...]

2304, 2020


DENVER, April 23, 2020—AMP Robotics Corp. (“AMP”), a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics for the recycling industry, today announced the achievement of one billion recyclables processed over the 12 months ending March 31, 2020. AMP also announced it has named longtime industry executive Marcel Vallen vice president of international sales, along with continued expansion of operations and forthcoming new innovations to help recycling facilities further improve productivity through automation.

1212, 2019

VIDEO: Recycling Robots

Recycling and Disposal Solutions of Virginia has four new robots that help with sorting and contamination.