Recycling and C & D Material

Recycling and C & D Material 2018-05-25T12:12:54+00:00

We can help you meet your LEED Recycling Credits for RDS job site recycling services.

Here at RDS we understand the relationship between new construction and the environment and have ways for your project to significantly reduce the impact that it has on the job site and the planet.

We have the ability to recycle up to 95% of C & D debris coming off of LEED project and allowing our customers to earn 2 points for the MR2 credit.

And do not worry about the paperwork, we will do it all for you!

This is what RDS can do for your C & D Waste:

  • Custom design of a Waste Management Plan that allows you to achieve your design goals and LEED credits.
  • We have certified scales on site to weigh your LEED material and provide accurate reporting for your projects.
  • You will be working with one of our LEED certified staff, who is on site at all time to make sure your reporting is accurate and can be submitted directly to LEED Online.
  • You can comingle all material reducing the number of hauls and containers on the job site in return saving you money and allowing for turn-around service.
  • Also, our facility is conveniently located and allows your trucks to get in and out quickly, and not wasting time and fuel queuing in line.
  • We are an active member of the Hampton Roads Green Building Council and are actively progressing with new waste management requirements and strategies to better serve you.

As disposal rates increase, RDS can help you reduce your waste (and, in turn, your bill), turning the recyclables we pull out of it into revenue or reduced costs for you.