Roanoke Enon Dr. Office

(757) 913-1200

Roanoke Korte St. Office

(757) 913-1200

Once you pass Associated Asphalt on your right, turn right after the white picket fence.

RDS-Virginia’s Roanoke facility in conveniently located in Roanoke County just minutes from downtown Roanoke and near Interstates 81 and 581.

Our Roanoke facility is only one of a few MRFs in Southwest Virginia and the ONLY MRF to have an automated sort line and accept and process glass from our customers.

Our Roanoke facility is just like our Portsmouth facility in the fact that we setup custom recycling programs for our customers to maximize the amount of their waste stream that is recycled.

We guarantee 24 hour pickup service for all our customers; don’t delay call today!

RDS Roanoke is the only facility in Southwest Virginia to have an automated sort line.

Our Roanoke facility is almost 50,000 square feet allowing us to sort, process, and recycle many different types of material.


We have a certified truck scale so we can weigh in and out all of your recycle material.

As disposal rates increase, RDS can help you reduce your waste (and, in turn, your bill), turning the recyclables we pull out of it into revenue or reduced costs for you.