Not all Containers can be recycled

We all want to help the environment by recycling. But we have to recycle right. Putting non-recyclables into the trash cost us twice. First to pick up and sort. Second to transport and dispose of. The bad news is, not all plastic containers can be recycled.

Look on the bottom of your plastic container for the plastic number and recycling symbol. Is it a #1 or #2 surrounded by recycling arrows? If so, then it is PET (#10) or HDPE (#2). These desirable and widely used plastics are recyclable and part of our program.

Recycle them now!

No to Arizona Iced Tea Plastic with a Stamped 5 and 7

And what about containers with two numbers? Like Arizona Iced Tea Containers?

This plastic container looks like the same plastic as your milk jug – but its NOT! Mixing plastic resins makes them much harder to recycle – and plastic 5 and plastic 7 is not even part of our program. Toss this in the trash!

If there is no code on the plastic, please don’t place it in the recycling bin. It’s better to assume it’s not recyclable.

Download our full list of what you can recycle and hang it on your fridge or near your bin to remind yourself of what we accept.