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1004, 2019

Killer Plastic Bags

We don’t want to sound dramatic, but plastic bags can be killer – to our equipment, for starters. In our blog about plastic bags, we talked about how deadly plastic bags are to recycling equipment, and the process of making sure good recyclables aren’t contaminated. “The bags wrap around machinery [...]

803, 2019

All Plastics are not Created Equal

Not all Containers can be recycled We all want to help the environment by recycling. But we have to recycle right. Putting non-recyclables into the trash cost us twice. First to pick up and sort. Second to transport and dispose of. The bad news is, not all plastic containers can [...]

1602, 2019

The Plastic Bottle Lifecycle

Do you know where the plastic water bottle in your hand came from? What about after you toss it into your recycling bin? From conception to rebirth, your water bottle goes through many processes. Looking at the plastic bottle, it may be interesting to note the bottle started in a [...]

2801, 2019

The Ever-Growing Damage of Plastic Bags

Plastic is recyclable, right?  The answer is no, not all plastics are created equal.  Plastic bags, especially. “Plastic bags can be destructive, ruin equipment and eat into operation hours because they are so damaging,” said Joe Benedetto, president of Recycling & Disposable Solutions (RDS). “The bags wrap around machinery and [...]

1312, 2018

Holiday Recycling

Recycling the holiday wrapping papers and packaging Deck the halls and the walls! The season of gift giving and receiving is here. While this brings joy to many, it also brings a lot of potential waste. Gift wrap, bags, boxes, packing peanuts, plastic, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap, and tissue paper [...]

1211, 2018

Celebrating with a Green Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Incorporate the Three Rs in Your Festivities When planning your Thanksgiving events this year, remember the three R’s:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Making a few small changes and planning ahead can make a big difference in how much waste is produced per family. Then, we can all [...]

1010, 2018

Make it a Recycled Halloween

The pumpkins are waiting on the stoop by dimly lit candles and the candy has been collected with sorting underway. In the wake of Halloween night, besides smiles and stomach aches, there’s a whole lot of trash left behind. Trash can come in the form of wilting pumpkins, candy wrappers [...]

509, 2018

Recycling and Back-to-School

It's that time of year again - time for packing lunches, practicing handwriting, and many other joys that come along with going back-to-school.  We all know that recycling is good for our planet and it is our responsibility to teach our children the importance of being good stewards of the [...]

108, 2018

Women in Recycling: Sarah Dennis

RDS is making strides changing stereotypes August 1, 2018. . .Portsmouth, VA - Sarah Dennis is into trash – specifically recyclable materials people throw out in their recycling bins. As the Inside Sales Manager, Environmental Compliance Manager and Human Resources Representative for RDS Recycling, Dennis wears many hats. She has [...]

2507, 2018

RDS teams up for Clean the Bay Day

RDS team members joined City of Portsmouth Waste Management division for annual Clean the Bay Day. Recently, RDS team members participated in the 30th Annual Clean the Bay Day.   Clean the Bay Day is a day where thousands of volunteers come together to remove litter from the Chesapeake Bay rivers, [...]


Recycling has taken hard hits in recent years, laying a rough road for businesses driving to up their sustainability goals


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