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Would you like one company to handle all of your recycling and waste needs? | Are you trying to recycle majority of your waste stream? | Are you looking to improve your bottom line?

RDS has over one-century of designing and implementing recycling programs that save the customers money and make them more sustainable.

We also have domestic and international marketing expertise to ensure your recycled product find an end user and is kept out of the landfill.

We have the ability to design recycling programs for small offices to large manufactures and no account is too large or small for us to help you with.

RDS provides our customer with prompt, next-month rebates for your product; no waiting around 60 plus days with RDS.
Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, was interviewed on the Dr. Oz show about water safety. Dr. Oz's final question was, "What is the most important message you can send to people?" Ms. Jackson's answer was that if there were an 80% - 90% national recycling rate we could create millions of jobs and recycling would become its own supply chain. She went on to say that people think it's such a simple thing when they see the green bins set out, but recycling can be its own energy program and water savings program.

Please contact us and let us help you decide which is the most appropriate for your site.

Recycling Equipment

Recycling and Disposal Solutions offers our customers like you a wide variety of equipment to help process their recyclable material and minimize their waste costs with the potential to even make money off of their products. We have the equipment for every setting that needs recycling including but not limited to: malls, retail stores, printers, multi-family residences, high-rise apartments and condominiums, office buildings, industrial facilities, and any other sites that generate high numbers of recyclable product.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary Compactors:

RDS uses stationary compactors with our industrial customers that generate solid dry-waste. Through a compaction ratio of 3:1 this units allow our customers to maximize the amount of the material they can get in the containers and reducing the number of trips/hauls that our drivers will use to transport material from your facility to the transfer station.

Self-Contained Compactors

Self-Contained Compactors:

These compactors are come in a variety of sizes from 15 cubic yards to 34 cubic yards. They are great for dealing with customers in the restaurant or food setting that deal with a large quantity of food waste. Since these units are “self-contained” they allow for of all waste liquids and smells to be contained within the unit themselves. These units also have an average compaction ratio of 3:1.

Vertical Compactor (Vert-i-Pak)

Vertical Compactor (Vert-i-Pak):

These units are used for high-rise buildings including offices, condos, and apartments. They allow for the customer to have the material dropped down through a trash chute and then compacted into a front load container that can be easily wheeled to the curb for servicing. They typically have a compaction ratio of 2:1 reducing the frequency of how often your front-end cans need to be dumped.


Downstroke Baler)

Downstroke Baler:

Majority of our customers that have balers at their facility use this type of baler. They are extremely easy to operate and give 2:1 or greater compaction ratios on material. They are also extremely versatile and can bale anything from cardboard, mixed paper, to many different types of plastics and odd materials.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers:

These balers are ideal for customers that generate large amounts of paper i.e. commercial printers, packaging supply companies, etc. The have the ability to bale large quantities of paper in a relatively short period of time.



Shredders are used to shred paper or plastics to maximize space in a container. They can be used for document destruction for customers that have a large quantity of documents they need destroyed on a consistent basis and would like to do it on sight. Additionally, they can be used to shred or chip plastics that are light or odd shape in order to ship for recycling.



Hoggers are used to break down large corrugated boxes or sheets to ensure material will bale properly for shipping; this piece of equipment is a great supplement to an operation that has a baler but difficulty fitting their corrugated sheets into it.



Densifers are used to take polystyrene (Styrofoam) and condense it into a solid block that allows the material to be shipped for recycling. This item is ideal for customers that generate large quantities of Styrofoam and would like to keep the material out of the landfill and see their waste costs reduced.

RDS has the ability to modify equipment or combine different types of equipment to make a product that is customized to handle all of your recycling needs.

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