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Our Portsmouth Office

Address: 3325 Frederick Blvd. Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
Phone: (757) 393-4737
Fax: (757) 913-1200
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RDS-Virginia has its flagship location here in the heart of Hampton Roads just minutes for Downtown Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA.

At our Portsmouth facility we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and making sure all of their needs are met within 24 hours, GUARANTEED!

At our Portsmouth facility all trucks can get in and out within 15 minutes; no hold ups and wasted time.

Did you know that since RDS was established in 2005 we have recycled over 250,000 tons of material just at our Portsmouth Facility?

Below is a counter of the amount of tons that RDS has recycled at our Portsmouth Facility since established in 2005

From an Environmental Problem to an Environmental Steward – Watch as RDS transformed a brown field site into their flagship recycling facility!


RDS Portsmouth has various types of trucks and logistic equipment to meet all of our customer’s needs.

Conex Box

RDS has both domestic and international ties ensuring that our customer’s entire waste stream is recycled.

As waste disposal rates increase, RDS-Virginia can help you reduce your waste (and, in turn, your bill), turning the recyclables we pull out of it into revenue or reduced costs for you.

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