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Recycling & Waste Facts

Businesses and the general public alike frequently ask us questions about recycling industry statistics, so we have added some interesting facts and figures for you. Also, please find links to additional recycling facts that can be found on the EPA and Virginia DEQ’s webpage.

  • Creating Jobs – A frequently unseen benefit of the recycling industry is job creation for this expanding industry. 1.1 million People are directly employed in the recycling industry with another 1.4 million jobs with a $52 billion payroll for business that support the industry.

  • Saving Money – By diverting recyclables materials from landfills, immediate benefits are produced for companies by reducing waste disposal fees and the sale of recycled materials.

  • Retaining Local Employers – Industries that need recyclable commodities that can be obtained from the surrounding region are more likely to stay and expand with the industry.

  • Tax Revenues – Support for vibrant recycling industry helps produce revenues that help the surround communities.

  • Economic Development Opportunities – Increased collection of materials attract businesses that are interested in processing or using the materials.